Spring Trend:Ripped or Painted Denim

It’s time to start shredding and beating those jeans up because this Spring will be all about ripped,distressed and painted jeans. I recall this being popular a little in 2005 but this kind of distressed look will be more reminsce of 90’s grunge with holes in the knees and taking it a step further. The great thing about this trend is you have control over how crazy you want your denim to look. This can be a very sexy and effortless looking trend, but beware of taking it too far and making it look like you aren’t wearing pants anymore. I also am loving paint splashes on jeans. This is a trend definitely in the beginning stages but I came across a pair in the store and I wanted them so bad. Alexander McQueen has some that I am lustin over and I think if you are going to throw some paint at your own denim try it with a cropped jean.This can definitely be a DIY project with an old pair of jeans. But although it looks effortless there is a way to do this right. I always mess up mine so thanks to Glamour magazine, I found some tips on how to distress your own jeans. Go here:http://www.glamour.com/fashion/blogs/slaves-to-fashion/2009/09/diy-distressing-your-denim-101.html. Now for those of you who aren’t into looking grunge but still like the idea go for a simple ripped or painted look. Here some looks for inspiration:
Alexander McQueen Resort 2010                          It-Rageous Things: Alexander McQueen Paint-Splash Jeans.

Alexander McQueen Resort Collection 2010- Cropped Paint Splash Jean
Kelly's PajamasTore-Ass Jeans

Brenda rocking the 90’s grunge look.

              Examples of ripped and painted jeans that aren’t ridiculously over done.

                                                                          The Perfect Ripped Jean.


Another perfect ripped jeans by Cheap Monday.

Paris’s jeans are really ripped up but done well,they don’t look trashy.

Runway ripped looks but these are too ripped for the real world.

Erin Wasson in ripped TopShop jeans

Erin Wasson’s jeans are as crazy as I would get if  you are feeling crazy try it out.



2 thoughts on “Spring Trend:Ripped or Painted Denim

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