I’m Loving..Number A Boutique

The other day the boy took me to a couple of new stores that he’s been looking into as potential places to have his shirt line Hips and Hair in. We wanted to go check them out and see what they were like in person. We ventured down to a street downtown in Little Tokyo District and honestly I wasn’t expecting that I was about to walk into my future favorite boutique. In LA, although you can find some diversity out there in boutiques and clothing stores, after a while everything starts to look the same, same brands, same looks, and it becomes rare to seek out a piece of treasure you’ve never seen before. But Number A Boutique was different from all those cliché boutiques, it was an actual unique boutique. I walked in immediately excited by the layout and how everything looked it organized and not overwhelming but at the same time not empty, a combination hard that is difficult to get right in the retail scene. Of course I wanted everything without a doubt. But I really was mainly intrigued by how many new brands and looks I came across. I had heard of some of the brands before like Wildfox Couture,Trash and Luxury and Dime Piece which are brands I personal love but what I come to realize was they carry a bunch of international designers such as Lonely Hearts, My Pet Square and Something Else which I thought was amazing. Finally you felt as a customer you can buy something that you haven’t seen someone on the street wearing. The prices ranged also so you didn’t feel like you couldn’t afford anything another plus of the store. Another plus is the unique jewelry which included Miss Wax another one of my favorite and a designer that’s been featured on Filthy Gorgeous before.I wanted all of that too and it was affordable another plus for the poor college student. If you are in the Little Tokyo area YOU MUST check this store out you won’t be disappointed and it will probably be added on your list of stores you love immediately.


WildFox Couture

Lonely HeartsDime Piece

My Pet Square


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