People’s Choice Awards= Worst Fashion Awards Show Ever Seen.

Wednesday night, I came across the People’s Choice Awards and decided to watch it ( mostly to see what the celebrities were wearing). One by one the actresses went by and the outfits got worse and worst. I can honestly say no one had a good outfit at all! There were a couple of mediocores, Olvia Wilde and Taylor Swift but I couldn’t believe no one had a beautiful outfit on. I got pissed because  they are the only ones who can strut around amazing thousand dollar dresses and this is what they choose for everyone to see! What the hell! Then there is Queen Latifah who shouldn’t even be in a dress and Mariah Carey with a dress to small for her boobs flooding out of it, not to mention she can’t even walk in it. I am sorry Vivenne Westwood but it looked like Sandra Bullock, the winner of the night was wearing a burlap bag, like the I Love Lucy episode. Carrie Underwood got best dressed and I wanted to scream that she looked like someone threw a net over her, so fugly!Is this what fashion gowns are coming to? Old prom dresses and ugly satin? I look back at these classic movies where Edith Head, an amazing costumer created these amazing handmade outfits that are so classic and beautiful pieces of art and it makes me wonder “What is wrong with this generation?” I hope this was just a bad awards show that no one cared to dress for and that it ends here or the future of fashion isn’t going to be so beautiful. I’ll let you be the judge.

Olivia Wilde in Monique Lhuillier

* The best of the night, but something about the fabric looks cheap doesn’t it? But this girl can wear the fugliest thing and still look beautiful.alyson hannigan 2010 peoples choice awards red carpet 04

Alyson Hannigan

* Horrible, reminds me of a 7th grade dance.taylor swift fave female pca awards 01

Taylor Swift in Jenny Packham

* One of the best of the night, simple yet cute.

Mariah Carey

* I can’t fit in this dress, or oops I farted is the bubble that is going through her head. Mariah you are getting too old to be wearing these tight ass hoochie dresses. Her husband had to walk her like an old lady to the stand because she couldn’t even walk in the dress, not to mention her boobs were falling out of it.

Jessica Alba

* This dress was another ok dress. Only she could pull it off because I don’t think any women would want there hips to look that big ever. I know this trend was popular but I think it’s slowly fading out.


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