Do You Love it? Spring 2010 Trends Sneeky A Peeky

A reader brought to my attention that I haven’t updated in five days, sorry I have been busy enjoying my break but that is not an excuse. I have been trying to figure out the best post to welcome you to 2010.As you know in the fashion world, you always have to be one step ahead of the trends so I am bringing to you guys what I predict will be the hot trends of Spring. You can start scoping clothes out now so you can rock them before everyone else does. To be honest a lot of it reminds me of Cher from Clueless who is forever my fashion icon.Here is it what I have so far for you, but you must check back for more. 

1. Sailor meets Tres Paris

Blazers and stripes will be hot looks for the Spring. Obviously blazers are great outwear to bring into Spring because they aren’t heavy but can still keep you fashionable cozy. I am obsessed with stripes under the blazers very chic, if you are feeling boobsy throw in a beret hat, reminds me of a hot Paris fashionista. I just went to Forever 21 and got the cutest little Paris girl shirt their new line is called Tres Paris and it is super cute.

2. Knee Highs Over With Over the Knee Boots

Filthy called this trend a while ago when it was very early on the horizon. I posted a picture of Lindsay Lohan if you remembered I actually thinks this look is pretty hot, it’s pretty but sexy at the same time. I recommend pairing this look with a little dress and then progressing to even trying layering the knee highs over stockings. Now if you are a curvier girl I would avoid this look because it’s not too flattering but if you want to rock them still try them with some Mary-Janes to give you some height and make your legs appear leaner.  Try stockings that stop below the knee and above see which look is better, and pairing them with boots with a  heel is a sneaky way of making your legs look lean and skinny. If you are short like me, go with knee highs below the knee and a dress with a little shorter hemline to fake the appearance of longer legs

.lilosocksboots.jpg image by sartorialsisters

3. Jumpsuits and Playsuits

These are a little boobsy to try but will be very fun and sexy in the Spring. I saw these starting to get popular in the Summer. Once it starts getting hot again you’ll start seeing these around. This is perfect for those days when you don’t want to get dress, it’s an already made outfit for you.If you are curvy or pear-shape search for ones with halters and a belt that can clinch your waist. You can actually bring this look into an evening look just by picking fabrics like silk or with details like sequins, sheer panels, or leather for a rocker look. The good thing are there are lots of different looks for this trend. It reminds me of vintage pin-ups, I am actually really excited to find a cute one. Just beware of baggy pantsuits, we don’t want you looking like a clown but not too tight don’t want to see a camel t.. you know what i mean. 

Perfect example for a night out!

Spring 2010 runway inspiration: jumpsuits & playsuits

Jumpsuit trend on the runway at Erin Fetherston

I’m pretty obsessed with this, perfect one

.Spring 2010 runway inspiration: jumpsuits & playsuits

4. See- Through and Sheer Goodness

This look is very very tricky can be super classy but easily can look very sleezy. Obviously there is a line and you need to really think out how you are going to wear this look so you don’t look a flousy. I suggest always wearing a nude bra or a black bra depending on the shirt color. I love sheer that is peeking out in random places like the neckline or the back that is really hot. This look should be paired with a jacket so it leaves some mystery.

I Love Brittany’s way of wearing this it’s divine.


5. Bows, Bows, Bows

I love Bows, be it in your hair on a blouse or on a skirt, I feel like you can’t go wrong. I think they add a dash of femininity to an outfit instantly. When all else fails grab a dress shirt with a bow and you are set.If you are going to rock one make sure there is only one in your whole ensemble. There’s also the bows in hair trend that I think it fun and I definitely will give Lady Gaga props for starting that trend. I love high messy buns with a bow in front of it that is my top look for Spring Hair look.

Obsessed, I repeat Obsessed!!




5 thoughts on “Do You Love it? Spring 2010 Trends Sneeky A Peeky

  1. 1. I just realized that i really do enjoy the knee-high look. Very cute. Gonna try that and see if i can pull it off nicely.

    2. bows, bows, bows, bows, BOWS!! i LOVE them!

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