Filthy’s Gorgeous Must Haves for 2010


I have complied a little list of must haves you gotta have to ring in the new year. Let’s start with shoes I currently am obsessed with my Tom silver glitter shoes that the boy got me. They instantly add a pop to my outfit and they are super comfy especially because I never wear any shoes besides boots or flats, it’s nice to have another alternative. Obviously a good pair of black boots be it knee high or ankle high, I am contemplating buying these ankle ones from H & M but I think they are a lil too pricy but I might just have to ignore that. I think ankle boots are a better investment because they can carry on into to spring and you can wear them with little dresses and jeans, plus I still want the grunge look to stay. Jean wise I really want to try those Joe Jeans that feel like leggings I think that sounds heavenly, still love the skinnies they go with everything. I still love the cigarette jean and even leggings just don’t wear them with a short shirt that doesn’t cover your arse. Tights are perfect with the LBD I’ve been finding some amazing embelshed ones so have fun with those.I love the ballerina skirts,I got a really perfect vintage one a while back just be careful of that elastic band and that it doesn’t create some unwanted love handles. Satin shorts are perfect as a dressier look or you can dress them down pair them with a cute sweater. I love Purrr sweaters,that’s me wearing one up there. They are revamped vintage, super soft and super amazing: Also Hips and Hair shirts always are a perfect choice: Hats, headbands, sex hair,big bows and high buns you have to wear super chic.


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