Fashion Icon…Tippi Hedren

I’ve been in an Alfred Hitchcock movie mood lately,and the last recent ones I watched Tippi Hedren who was in The Birds and Marnie. The Birds is a classic and if you haven’t seen it then you must. Marnie I really enjoyed it is about a women who steals and has some major problems with men.She is classically beautiful and I am in love with her hair buns. Of coure Edith Head was the costume designer, she has done many of the Hitchcock movie costumes, they are amazing.I still can’t believe she is Melanie Griffith’s mother, impossible. These are some of my favorite inspirations from Tippi:


2 thoughts on “Fashion Icon…Tippi Hedren

  1. Hi, not to be a brat or anything but just for the record…it’s Tippi Hedren..not Hendren.

    If you want the ultimate in Edith Head 60’s glamour check out the fantasy fashion sequence in “What a Way to Go!”(1964) starring Shirley MacLaine.

  2. Hi Gandy,
    Woops my bad, I thought I checked that but I guess not..thanks for letting me know.:) Ah I love Edith, she was a true icon in the fashion world. Thanks for the video there are some amazing costumes in it.I love the one she is wearing with the pink hair. I love the guys in that too! Is it a good one because it looks like I might have to rent it.. I love classic movies. Thanks for sharing and reading.
    Filthy Gorgeous Fashion

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