Filthy Gorgeous Fashion’s What to Wear Holiday Guide

I love the holidays but I can get so annoyed when it comes to what the hell to wear. I drive myself mental ripping through my closet looking for something and then preceding to try on 20 different outfits all for them not to be “my vision”. I don’t want you guys going through that too so here is some outfit ideas for everyone for the holiday season. Many of them inspire me, and I hope you too. Mix and match from other ones and look in your closet for looks that resemble or inspire the ones you see.

The Posh One

Victoria's Little Black Dress

For the lady who is the epitome of  posh. When I think of Victoria Beckham I think of structured LBD’s and stilettos. I definitely think you can’t go wrong with a little black dress for the holiday season but find ones that have some structure and flare. One that isn’t your typical LBD and will catch people’s attention pair it with some leopard or sequins to have it come alive.

The Vintage Lover

For the lady who wants to have some fun with vintage. The Olsens love vintage, some great inspiration pieces think lots of sequins and faux furs.

The Classy Rocker

Gwen Stefani,  huge style icon is the perfect mix of rocker and class. Think leopard, leather, frills, and hotness.


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