Filthy Gorgeous Fashion Meets Style Icon.. Nicole Richie


I died, I did. Yes, it is true last Saturday I met one of my style icons Nicole Richie and can I just say it was one of the most memorable days of my life. I’ve been a huge fan for sometime and when I heard she was going to South Coast Plaza to promote House of Harlow I had to go. Here’s the story: My sister and I walk into Bloomindales wondering where Nicole was. I felt dumb asking so luckily the sales lady knew what who we were looking for. She ends up telling us that Nicole just arrived and is coming down the escalator behind us. My sister and I waited to see and sure enough down comes Nicole, I was in awe. She was in sweats surrounded my bodyguards with my sister and I just staring at her. It was just surreal, anyways so we decided to get some food and see if the line would go down.. and it did. When I got to the front I was just thinking of what to say.. but of course nothing came to mind ahah. I went up to her and she said I was beautiful I died again then I asked if I could take a picture next to her and she said of course. The guard said no but Nicole gave the go, then she took one with her camera and said gorgeous it was crazy. After getting our autographs we were in heaven. As I was exiting two paparazzi asked me when she was coming out, I said I didn’t know then they took a picture of me and said I looked like Nicole and I asked if I was her sister. I was exstatic to say the least, definitely a once in a lifetime chance. I am so happy to share it with you guys. Thank you to Belinda at Nicole Richie News for posting me on her site, much love! If you are a Nicole fan you have to check it out:

House of Harlow Wish List

White Leather Cocktail Ring $68

House of Harlow 14KT Gold-Plated Peacock Ring with Enamel

Peacock Ring $51

House of Harlow 14KT Gold-Plated Black Leather Stack Bangle

Black Leather Stacked Bangle $118

Mini Key Necklace $48

nicole richie at melrose Nicole Richies House of Harlow Headpiece

Crystal 5 Strand Head Piece $ 170

House of Harlow 1960 6 Strand Bracelet

House of Harlow 6 Strand Bracelet $74


Filthy Gorgeous Fashion


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