Lustin and Lustin some more for Rodarte for Target

December 20th 2009 you are rushing your booties to Target for the release line of Rodarte. I was exicted about Alexander McQueen and Anna Sui for Target but this line looks like it’s going to top all of those. These designs are delicious, everything I want. Kate and Laura Mulleavy are the sisters behind this hot line. They credit such films as Bonnie and Clyde, Rosemary’s Baby and Harold and Maude for the inspirations for their first Target collection. There seems to be a play on dark humor and a fascination with death in the pieces. “We love the idea of  making something serious, that seems so black and white, somewhat playful”. I want everything I am so anxious to get all of this. By the way everything is 9.99- 80 bucks so there is a good range of price and there will be 55 pieces, but get on it fast because theres going to be a lot of bitches trying to get their paws on it.

Rodarte For Target

I love that lace sweater it’s amazing. This line reminds me of a bad ass ballerina loves it.


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