My Top 5 Designers at Unique Los Angeles 2009

Filthy Readers,

 As you know I worked this past weekend The Hips and Hair booth at Unique LA, which was in downtown LA at the California Mart. There were over 300 independent designers selling their goods with 50 being eco-friendly. It was so inspiring to see all these creative people creating things that I had never seen before. I had to jot down ideas left and right because everyone was inspiring me to start making something wonderful. I did a couple of rounds and picked out the booths/vendors that I fell in love with and who really stood out to me. It was an awesome event, there was definitely over 6,000-8,000 people who attended over the weekend so it was great exposure for these new brands that are trying to a build a name for themselves. Working with a new brand being Hips and Hair, sometimes I get really pissed when I see people buying/ wearing ugly stuff. I feel like if they knew about these smaller brands their would be a lot better dressers around town. Anyways, my only complaint was that there was a shitload of vendors. Although  it was spacious , I could tell customers and even myself were so overwhelmed with all these people. In the end, it was great networking experience for us and I discovered some amazing brands I want to support and I want you guys to check out. Here is my top 5:

1. HIPS AND HAIR– obviously got to go with my baby that we are trying to raise over here. I am so impressed my boyfriend does everything himself believe me it isn’t easy. You really appreciate it when you see it first hand, it’s all in the details. He is offering free shipping in December so get on it. They make amazing Christmas gifts because it is t-shirt couture made just for you.

2. Purrr Los Angeles Remake– I fell in love with Junko’s vintage remakes immediately. I am picky when it comes to my vintage, just cause it’s vintage doesn’t mean it always cute. I am not going to wear a fugly sweater just cause it is vintage so when I find someone with really has amazing vintage pieces that aren’t overpriced.. I swoon. She actually reconstructs vintage clothing and puts her own twist on it. I got my boyfriend to buy me the cutest bow headband(picture to come) and my mama to buy me a sweater with some leather ( made it my christmas gift..I begged) thanks mom love you. She sells at the Melrose Trading Post, so go check her out over there. I am so happy for this excellent discovery.

3. Love Nail Tree– These people had an amazing booth, they basically made a store out of wood it was insane. They are a young married couple who print their own shirts and create their own jewelary. They had some really cool unique pieces and I had a lot of respect for them because like Jonathan at Hips he screen prints everything himself. They were really sweet people you def have to check out their site.

4. Double Dip– I discovered them in the eco-friendly section. This guy creates things out of records/record covers and caution signs. He actually melts the records into bowls and creates chinese to go food boxes with the record covers. Then he had little clutches made out of caution signs. There was a Marilyn Box I was swooning over, have to check out these accessories. Wallet Made from actual Caution and Danger TapeRecycled Vinyl Record Bowl with matching Record Cover Box Set The Who

5. Kittin Hawk- Allysun Dutra’s line is strictly handmade form recycled materials she gets from garage/estate sales, along with antique and thrift stores. She too creates new out of the old and everything is handmade which is amazing. She calls it recycled couture and only makes one of a kind pieces which is an amazing idea. Her stuff was very chic and feminine, again I fell in love and she had amazing headbands.

These are designers to check out for unique gifts for the holidays. Everyone who came to support us I love you !


Filthy Gorgeous Fashion


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