I’m Loving.. Harajuku Shoes

I love LAMB but being the poor girl that I am I mostly just stare at her shoes as pieces of art that maybe one day I will be able to buy. Well lucky for us I came across Gwen’s Harajuku shoe line that is more sophisticated then her past Harajuku shoes and cheaper than her LAMB ones. There are some super cute ones I have to share with you guys and you CAN afford them.. thanks Gwen. By the way you can find most of these on http://www.heels.com or Nordstrom.
Here’s some of my favorite must haves:

Harajuku Lovers Dobson Heel - Black

Harajuku Lovers Women’sDobson Heel – Black

New $89.99


Harajuku Lovers Avallon - Grey Suede

Harajuku Lovers Women’sAvallon – Grey Suede



Harajuku Lovers Arlanda - Grey/Natural

Harajuku Lovers Women’sArlanda – Grey/Natural



Harajuku Lovers Arlanda - Black/Multi

Harajuku Lovers Women’sArlanda – Black/Multi



Harajuku lovers  - Arlie Shoe

Airlie II - Black Patent




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