Andrea’s Beau Holiday Collection

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If you are a headband obsessive right now you have to check out Andrea’s Beau’s new Holiday Collection There are some great hot choices to choose from. You know I am always trying find cheap deals for you guys so a little treat for my readers is they are offering 15% off on orders of $30 bucks( only one discounted purchase) or more starting November 14th.When you go to check out type FilthyGorgeousFashion in the comments section to get the discount! Also if you have a facebook show them some love: v=app_2373072738&ref=ts#/pages/Andreas-Beau/176181016370?v=wall&ref=ts. If you are having a little trouble deciding what you love here is a Filthy Gorgeous Guide on what I think is a MUST have for the holidays. I am telling you if you are having a horrendous hair day just stick in a headband or hair accessory to save the day. Feathers,Velvets, and beaded headbands are all the rage this holiday season, so I’ve searched for some of the Best Andrea’s Beau headwear to adorn your sex hair.

The Inspirations

638_oGKLq_7548gossip-girl-blair-waldorf-headband8.jpg image by fashion-o-lic

Andrea’s Beau

Silk Rolled Rose with Feather Salon Clip

Silk Rolled Rose with Feathers $32

Feathered Rose Headband

Feathered Rose Headband $50

Flapper Feather Headband

Flapper Headband $38

Beaded Spray Velvet Headband

Beaded Spray Velvet Headband. $46

Bead Sequin Double Adjustable Soft Headband

Beaded Sequin Double Adjustable Soft Headband $34

Velvet Knot Wide Headband

Velvet Knot Wide Headband $19


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