Belles & Bulls Guest Blogs For Filthy Gorgeous Fashion

I recently received an e-mail that Belles & Bulls wanted to do a post trade on each others blogs. I thought it was a totally fun idea and a great way for you guys to see someone else’s fashion views through their eyes.  A little about Belles & Bulls 

“belles & bulls (No Bull) exist to nurture and bring to life peoples’ love of unexplored fashions. It is an experience with a fresh perspective on the current and future. An introspective view of timeless creativity. Our stories are simple, solid, and fun, while our stories are refreshing, valuable, and exciting. We will help you keep up with the most fashionable Belles as we uncover the feistiest Bulls in each one of us.” I think this an awesome idea and I love promoting new designers and showing new fashion ideas as much as I can as well. Plus their name is very catchy and I love the thought behind it. Here is Ebonni the co-founder of Belles & Bulls tell her fashion view on things:


I have been called stealthy, bitchy, rad, dorky, fierce, and effusive. As I mull it over, I realize that these could describe my artistic view of fashion as well. I don’t dress based on how I feel. I am aware of my body and what looks best on it. Every day I like to create that sense of awe as I look at my reflection, that attitude of: I look amazing!

I like to think women can be belles and bulls. We can be feminine, but a little bit tough, too. When you dress, consider color, bold masculine fits, and additions to the wardrobe that make a statement about your ladylike demeanor, but sometimes bullish behavior. Care less about what “they” see and more about what suits your fancy!

Adaptations of Art
Some call it ‘jewelry’

de la RentaOscar de la Renta 

All black with a Splash of Color
Raid your grandmother’s stash or shop


Alexander McQueen 

Sensuality in a Pencil Skirt

Allow the Personality to Show Through

I adore color. I dream of jewelry pieces that speak to my personality and love a dress that hits every curve. I admire creativity in famed fashion designers and glorify individual style. We see it in our magazines, classic movies, old pictures of our mothers, and see it within ourselves. What does creativity say to you? What garment lies in your wardrobe as you read that speaks to the mirror image you are within?

Ebonni N. Bryant
belles & bulls


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