I’m loving….Cheap Finds of the Week

I am a poor girl these days but at least having a little part time job I am able to splurge a little every paycheck. But let me tell you that I am getting damn good at finding bargins. I actually pride myself on them and get a heat flash after each cheap purchase. My first one was actually at a Thrift Store by my aunts house. I walked in with my Gma and my sister and was immediately drawn to a Louis Vuitton purse. Assuming it might be fake, I examined it and was blown away at how I no longer was sure if it was fake. It looked soo real, believe me I’ve seen some fake purses but this one was unlike them all. I searched for a good hour online trying to compare my bag with real ones and everything checked except my lock their is no n on Vuitton BUT I think it definitely could have worn off because the bag definitely older.  I had my mom the purse expert ( worked at Nordstrom in handbags) check it over and she was stumped so I guess I’ll never know it’s true worth. Today I went to the swap meet  with my little sister Klaire and my mom not looking to find anything in particular ( except some cat eye sunglasses). As I was strolling through my eye was drawn to a Marilyn Monroe movie poster of one of my favorite movies ” How to Marry a Millionaire” I collect Marilyn stuff so it was coming with me. As I looked down I discovered cat sunglasses soo cute and had to snag those too, the both were 20 bucks( she wanted 25 originally). Then I came across a girl with really good fake stuff, being a fashion lover I know we shouldn’t buy fakes but sorry I had to. They were some of  best quality fakes I’ve seen so I found a Louis Vuitton scarf ( so soft) and some Chanel post earrings ( to die for). I was shitting with excitement over my finds. I am telling you girls go out to some thrift stores or local swap meets and you will find some treasures. Search through it all and have no expectations and you are sure to find some exciting things.


Filthy Gorgeous Fashion


Ps. I love Nicole’s lace gloves a trend on the rise we shall talk about it later.. my inspiration for the cat sunglasses



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