Hips and Hair Holiday Collection Available Now!

I’ve been lusting over the new Hips and Hair stuff ever since I laid eyes on it. I really think it is the best yet and with the new addition of the  cardigan and the Kate Moss sweatshirt it can do no wrong. I have a special place for Hips and Hair because it is my boy’s t-shirt line. He started it himself and he does EVERYTHING himself. So speaking of couture this is like t-shirt couture, only a certain amount are made and each are hand printed by Jonathan Bussiere. I am really proud of him he puts everything into Hips and Hair and I can’t wait till more of the world discovers this gem. I think this line is very fun to work into your wardrobe and although it is unisex I think lots of the ladies are going to love these designs especially. If you are a Marilyn Monroe, or Kate Moss fan you got to get your hands on these t-shirts. For the next 24 hours if you enter the code “matteblack” you will receive 10% off your purchase. Please get over to the store check it out and spread the word.


Thanks Filthy Readers,

xo Filthy Gorgeous

                                                     HIPS AND HAIR HOLIDAY COLLECTION

When Matte Black Isn't Enough (black)girls_lsmens_cuI Heart Paparazzi (white)mens_cugirls_lsCan Up (cardigan)mens_lsgirls_lsMatte Black (sweatshirt)

girls_lsmens_lsPaparazzi (baseball T)girls_lsmens_cuDance Dance My Darling (black)

mens_cugirls_lsMannequin Eyes (white)mens_lsgirls_ls




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