Do You Love it? Peek a Boo Socks with Boots

Filthy Gorgeous Readers so sorry to neglect you for 10 days:( I am back to school so life has been pretty crazy but good. So I am back and have lots to share. If you are a boot lover like muah then you will love this trend on the rise that has caught my eye lately.This trend is wearing high socks with boots and having the top of the socks peek out a little. I love it and think it is super cute. It’s one of those trends where you think ” Why didn’t I think of that” ? I am not a sock lover in fact I only wear them to the gym so maybe this trend will force me to like socks.Definitely rock these with a dress or skirt because wearing it with jeans kind of defeats the purpose. Think of it as a replacement for tights with a dress and skirt.Have fun mixing and matching different socks and boots but of course be cautious of looking tacky. I think black socks are the best way to go. Also there’s a little trend to find you will find if you are feeling BOOBsy But here’s the inspiration:

Do I dare say Lindsay got this look right.. Yep I’ll give it to her. Perfect. If you have short legs like me, get a boot with a little heel this way it won’t look like all that’s peeking out is your knees, it’ll had some length to your stems. Also wear a shorter dress where there is enough skin showing between the sock and the hem of your dress.

Jessica Alba is a good visual of how this trend works but she has too much going on meaning I just don’t like those granny shorts.

If you are feeling really “BOOBsy” with this trend mix socks with… sandals. I know fashion faux paux for forever might be coming around to a trend. She definitely pulls it off her but again be cautious and make sure they are shoes that can pull this off.


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