Be Lusting for Olsenboye

olsen twins olsenboye truck 03
Finally an Olsen fashionline we can affordddd. I’ve been waiting for this one to come around because of course I love Elizabeth & James but honestly I can’t look at it after awhile because it makes me mad that I can’t get it:( So I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Olsen’s are coming out with a line for JC Penny called Olsenboye.”All sales from the Olsenboye truck preview were donated to charity – the 23-year-olds’ line will officially debut at JCPenney stores in February of 2010.“We feel this collaboration compliments and strengthens our business portfolio, delivering trend-based fashion at affordable prices,” Ashley said in a press release.Olsenboye includes jeans, tops, dresses, bags and shoes and will retail from $20-$50 at JCPenney stores nationwide.” That is sooo cheappp. I love the Olsens who doesn’t so I have no doubts that this will be some amazing shiz we are going to run out and buy. The  best thing it is coming out pretty fast and we don’t have to wait a year or two for it.. but I am already dying for a sneek peek.

olsen twins olsenboye truck 07olsen twins olsenboye truck 05olsen twins olsenboye truck 04

Want that Plaid yumm.
olsen twins olsenboye truck 01


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