Purrr for Faux Furrr

Get that faux fur from the back of your closets out because you’ll be lusting it for these colder months. I’ve always thought of fur as glamorous old hollywood and really classic so im excited to incorporate it in some outfits. Obviously I promote the “Faux” kind but just make sure that it doesn’t look cheap and feel like a stuffed animal ( you know what I mean). Long coats look amazing with some thigh high boots and jeans. You can do like a shorter cape like fur jacket which is totally feminine. Or go for a fur vest which are really getting popular. The good thing is you can usually find the vest and short jacket ones for not too expensive. But coats can get a lil pricier, see if your GMa has a old faux fur jacket in her closet ( bet she does). I got an amazing black one from my grandma and my aunt gave me a vintage short one that I also love. When you put it on you instantly feel feminine and classy. Here’s the inspiration:

Who What Where:

1. . Rachel Zoe Faux Fur Toggle Coat($129)

2. Damselle Faux Lynx Fur Vest ($98)

3. Rebecca Taylor Faux Fur Jacket ($720)

4. Joie Glimmer Faux Fur Vesticon ($318)

5. Topshop Vintage Style Faux Fur Coat ($190)

 H&M Faux Fur Vest ($50)


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