I’m loving.. Gwen Stefani Hair

Singer Gwen Stefani  arrives at the 20th Annual Kid's Choice Awards held at the UCLA Pauley Pavilion on March 31, 2007 in Westwood, California.


I hate flat hair. I repeat hate it. So most of the time I pump my hair up with a pomp and bobby pins or half up half down with lots of volume. But I was sick of the bobby pins. I’ve seen girls get that volume without it and I wanted it. Finally I asked my friend Erica who had her hair like that what’s the secret. She said a tiny tooth comb and lots of teasing. I ventured onto Youtube because I am pretty sure you can learn anything on there. I found this pro hairstylist for Ford Artist’s named Johnny Lavoy who does tutorials showing you different hairstyles. I fell in love.. it is amazing. I get so bored with my hair that having this variety and seeing exactly how to do it rather than reading it in a magazine is a dream. I am a visual person so when I see something I can instantly remember and do it myself. If you are bored with you hair and looking for some variety go here: and watch some of these videos. My first successful one was ” The Gwen Stefani” look:. She has the coolest hair so I died when I found this:. Here is my attempt:

xoxo Filthy Gorgeous


3 thoughts on “I’m loving.. Gwen Stefani Hair

  1. I too hate flat hair. My hair is naturally wavy so i usually have a ton of body. the rare times when i straighten it i feel sooo odd haha.

    oh well. i love love love these styles 🙂

  2. AHHHHHHHHHHH! KOLBS!!! I’m just reading this. I loooooooove what you”ve done with your hair!!!!!!! You, my friend, are fantastic!

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