Filthy Gorgeous Fall Must Haves

As fall approaches I have decided to make an offical Filthy Gorgeous Fashion Fall Must have list of stuff to collect for the colder months. I love the colder weather there is so many options for clothing and you can just pile it all on. Here is my top ten item must haves for fall:


1. Cardigans

I love cardigans they are classy, chic and effortless. There are so many variations from colors to fabrics and even lengths. I think they are the perfect transition jacket between the summer and fall months. I really love oversized ones and adding buttons for some personality. They are so versatile they go with anything and everything from skirts to skinny jeans they are the perfect match.

2. Biker Jacket

I love leather jackets they are hot hot. Biker jackets are the perfect accessory to dress up your look a little. The more fitted the better. Pair them with skinny jeans and boots but don’t clash the leathers. I like mine with long flowing shirts and a scarf .. yum.


They’re backkk.. yes leggings are a must have for fall. Leggings have really expanded into so many textures and styles so you don’t have to stick to the boring stretchy black ones. From leather to ripped to lace i love them all. Such a nice alternative to jeans. Pair them with oversized shirts,long jackets and short dresses for a dressier look. Caution: beware of really ripped leggings too much is tacky tacky.

4. Oversized and Drapy Tops

It’s really hard for me to find graphic tees I like the only ones I wear are Other than that I just love oversized drapy shirts, I especially like them a little sheer. I like them to hit a little longer than the waist line. Anything longer like mid knee is called a dress and shouldn’t be worn with jeans. Drapy/Accordian tops on the other hand are a perfect alternative to the basic long shirt. They can be more dressed up and come off more sophisticated.

5. Studs

I told you once and I’ll tell you again studs are all the rage this fall. Stud everything from purses to boots to shoes to jeans it’s all lovely. Just don’t clash the studs they like to stand apart and mixing too much isn’t so cute. Ah so excited to get some studded things.Starting with those yummy studded jeans.

6. Oversized/Puffy Shoulders

I haven’t mentioned this on Filthy yet so here’s it’s debut, Oversized shoulders are coming back ahh do I dare say it. No not the 80’s Dynasty ones or the 90’s shoulder pad ones these kind are a little more futuristic shall say. I actually really like shoulders that have a little feminine “puff”. So I’ll show you the version of this that I find the cutest and best to wear. Since I love plain shirts, looking for ones with details in the shoulders is something I am lusting over. I love how Rachel finds these feminine shoulder looks and rocks them. Don’t get me wrong oversized shoulders in a blazer work too. As you see there are many different ways of rocking this from extreme shoulders to a little feminine puff. Have fun with them, they actually can be very flattering and even make you appear tiny.. me likey.

7. Platform Wedges/Oxfords/Thigh High Boots

Mr. John Galliano

Dolce & Gabana

Oxfords/Thigh Highs

I might love heels, but I can’t walk in them for longer than 15 minutes. So I can either stare and lust over them or find an alternative. That I have, the platform wedge, having a platform gives you more stability and makes it easier and more comfortable to walk around in high shoes.. yay. Side note Marion’s ruby red John Galliano wedges as I call them are too die for amazing. D & G are killin me with those amazing wedges the face ones so 80’s and so good. Ya I added Oxfords and Thigh High boots to the mix to remind you they are also must have’s for fall. But the beauty is you can combine them and have thigh high platform oxford boots.

8. Cigarette Jeans /Pants

You need to have a pair of Cigarette pants pronto. Think Audrey Hepburn and Grease and you’ll know what I mean.I bought some Blank ones like 6 months ag0 and I absolutely love them because not only are they my smallest size jeans but they work with everything and flatter my body. They have little zippers down the ankle which also makes me love them even more. They are basically pants/jeans that hit you right on your ankle but are slim and fittedd. Perfect with flats,wedges,boots, or heels everything goes with them. I love them with zippers, acid wash or studs or even with a slight rip. If you are petite or on the shorter side these jeans are perfect for you.

9. Metallics/Sequins

Nothing new here, I did a post pretty recently about metallic and sequins. Again use them sparingly but they are a fun little accessory for an everyday outfit. But also a good choice for a dressy occasion. I especially love a little sequins jacket.

10. Prints & Patterns

Lindsay_Lohan_Plaid_Shirt.jpg image by fashionjuicecris

Plaid, Leopard,checkers,tweed get ready to play with all kinds of patterns and prints for fall. I love plaid always have always will and of course playing with all those patterns and prints will keep your wardrobe fun and interesante. Of course I think of Gwen and her LAMB collection which is sure to have animal prints, checkers, plaids and tweed. Ps. Tweed blazers=yum.


the end.


2 thoughts on “Filthy Gorgeous Fall Must Haves

  1. such a great list 🙂 im excited for this years fall/winter. can’t wait to layer-layer.
    oh god, i love the biker, leather jackets. theyre so tough.. perfect for me. i need to get one soon thoughh

  2. thanks girl:) thanks for readinggg and yes leather jackets/biker ones are amazing I actually some really cool ones at urban and forever 21 and they weren’t ridiculously expensive=me likey.

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