Do You Love it? Metallically Hot

Metallics are coming back in full force just in time for the fall season. The great thing about metallics is that they really go with everything and are very versatile. I’ve never been a huge metallic fan but a few pieces here and there are fun to play with. I think if anything I love metallic shoes, they just match everything and can just be that piece that catches someone’s eye. The thing I don’t like about them is a lot of metallics can look cheap and tacky so must pick and choose. It’s best to stick to golds and silvers, my personal favorite is gold can’t really go wrong with it unless you overdo. Beware, you don’t want to look like a  granny tranny. Metallics kind of go hand and hand with sequins which we were just talking about,they mostly play off of each other. Phillip Lim is a designer who has been playing with metallics lately. Some of them are kinda boobsy, you either can pull it off or not. If you are a little timid with the idea of metallic just go for cocktail dresses with tights.Here thee inspiration ladies:

I love this first metallic jacket it looks like a pale pink it is my definition of a beautiful metallic piece, it doesn’t call attention but it adds a spark to the plain grey dress, ah love pink and gray together. Rachel’s gold outfit is too much for me obviously she can pull it off cause she can pull anything off but i would of done with one or the other.




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