I’m loving.. Pretty Pretty Sequins

I’m going to get you to be lusting for sequins. I love sequins because it makes me feel like a little girl. They instantly jazz up any casual outfit, totally chic. Make sure you don’t wear sequins everything no no we aren’t in the 80’s. Pick one sequin piece and strut it. There is so much to choose from, shoes ( had some but lost them:( ), skirts, dresses, caplets, shirts, and even leggings. I also noticed harlem pants getting the sequins treatment.. not sure if I like but if you can rock it more power to you.I think it’s fun to have multiple pieces of sequins to add to different outfits.  You will instantly have all eyes on you and be a filthy delight.Here’s some inspiration:

Trend Report


Leggings/ Pants

Sequin leggings are boobsy, I personally would only sport the black ones because the other ones are kinda of passing that line of ridiculous wouldn’t you say?


siennamiller.jpg image by NrllAless

I love how Sienna rocked this sequin dress, pairing it with leggings and belt to clinch the waist so it isn’t lost in a sea of sequins. I think shorter sequin dresses work the best, too long and you could look granny like, but you’ll be a hot one.


Skirts/ Shorts


I’m lusting for sequin skirts,luckily I have one that I will be sporting at a Michael Jackson Tribute Concert this weekend, I will share with you. I wanted to show you different ways to wear the skirt, it works really well high-waisted, or you can wear a shirt over it. Also short blazers, or long ones if you don’t want to look too dressy are a perfect accessory. I even, do i dare say, would wear the sequins shorts, it’s major boobsy but they are fun but maybe only Gwen could rock them that cool.Side note: that isn’t me in the gray tank and I don’t know who Alexa Chung is just liked the way the outfit was put together.


Head Wear


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