Do You Love it? Capes, Shawls, Caplets and Cloaks oh My

I guess all this Vampire  Crazin has got to the fashion world. Capes, Shawls, Caplets and Cloaks are taking the fashion world by storm. I told you there are some amazing outerwear trends for the fall and this is just one I wanted to share with my filthy readers. I’m really excited for these outerwear trends because they are o so sophisticated and fun at the same time,think of Little Red Riding hood because she is the inspiration here. These garments date back to the day of Kings and Queens and it amazes me how in 2010 it can be revived. I immediately think of the 40’s when I think of Shawls, the little short fur ones women would wear out during the cold weather months. I think they are super feminine and a great accessory piece to show your own individual taste preference. Capes and Cloaks don’t have to be down to the ground vampire style. Instead where a shorter one that hits you above the knee. I think these are super sexy because it shows just a little bit of the outfit underneath, add some gloves for some edge. You can go many different directions with this, it can be dressy with some tights and a skirt or tone down with some boots and some black skinny jeans. The main thing as always is trial and error it. I think the overall effect is best with a dressy outfit, it’s the cherry on top for the extra touch of lady. Look for ones with tweed,buttons, and good silhouettes. Avoid bulky and unfitted styles.Here’s some of my favorite looks and ways to wear them:

Capes/ Caplets

Women's Capes

The first one is amazing with the sequin pants, which are going to be very popular ( we’ll get to that later). I love the one button and those gloves give it some edge. The leopard one perfect,I was just telling you how hot leopard is. I love how it is the same length as the dress, the tights and the red shoes are just very yummy.

I just got a mini hot flash when I came across this caplet, amazing the button details, the flair, ah love. The second one is Marc Jacobs another one I love but beware of these short capes if you are a more curvy lady because the short cape can cut you off in a bad spot. Make sure you are wearing pants you are comfy in or better yet wear a high waisted skirt to show the natural silhouette of your shape. Another option is get one that hits you are the hips and shows off your stems, paired with some high heeled boots or heels.

Nicole Ritchie’s is worth lusting over, the perfect way to add the cape to your outfit. It looks so effortless and chic chic especially with the boots, tight jeans, hot glasses and sophisticated pull back hair.Kate’s sequined one another great option for a cape, again sequins are coming full storm so incorporating both those trends, is like killing two birds with one stone.


Stoles and wraps on the 2010 runways

I think Shawls are best for going out so elegant and lady-like. Fur ones are so 40’s so if you love vintage looks go for that with some fake fur of course.



Caplets might be my favorite, they are like a shorter cape so cute. They are definitely more casual and versatile I feel. Rachel wears the same caplet with two different outfits.



Capes are amazing with a hoodie, reminds me of little red riding hood. My mom made me a cloak for it when I was in little and it was so amazing,very lady-like



I love these Now and Then with all the capes,shawls,caplets and cloaks. It shows how fashion goes round and there are some great inspirations.


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