Do you Love it? Leopard Trends

As Fall is approaching I plan on cranking out as many Fall Trend posts as possible. Leopard everything is  coming to welcome us into the colder months and I love love love leopard, it is my fashion must have. I hold Leopard anything close ot my heart, some of my favorites- Betsey Johnson, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, and Gwen Stefani have strongly inspired me with their fashions and all of them I look at as leopard wearers.Leopard is probably one of my favorite patterns/accessories to work with because adding just a little of it to an outfit brings it alive. Leopard can be very dominant for an outfit  so you must beware of how you wear it. Only touches of it, never overpower yourself or you will look like a houche mama. I do own a leopard coat I got for a Christmas a couple years ago and to me it never went out. It is kinda dressy so I don’t get to wear it too much but when I do I am in love. I also have a cardigan to wear for the spring kind of weather that I love, it is very versatile. Obviously leopard is perfect with black, and I always love boots. tights and skinny jeans yum to accompany them. There are other colors you can wear with them but again you must test this out, definitely stick to darker,neutral colors with this, never brights. These can be leopard coats can be pricey but I am sure the wonderful Forever 21 or H & M will have a more affordable one for you to rock. Don’t think you have to just stick to leopard coats, pick up any leopard accessories you love(I still am lusting for a leopard scarf), Think headbands, purses, blouses, possibly even skirts if you wanna get a little crazy but remember pair with black and maybe a splash of color. Leopard is hot have fun with it but Ps. it better be fake. Here’s some inspiration:

 Fall Trend 2009: Leopard-Print Coats

                                     Image from Budget Babe


These are amazing examples of the versatile ways to wear leopard. I love love love Blake Lively’s looks with the green dress, black tights, and blue boots. It works! You wouldn’t think of it at first but it so inspirational I am filing that away in my mind. Also Sienna’s different 60’s shade of green dress is amazing with the leopard.Obviously Kate and Sienna fashion icons, wear these in such hot ways, with the boots,hat and some hot shades. Also Kate’s shorter jacket is really nice to have because you can wear it I think more often then the coat.


Miss Moss doesn’t fail again giving another inspirational look with the coat. She mixes it with black and brown stripes which gives it some depth but doesn’t at all clash with the leopard print. 


kate_moss_leopard_main.jpg image by fashionising

Had to give Miss Kate credit again for these ensembles. pairing it with white jeans, brings them from summer right into fall gracefully.The gray shirt love it I just got so excited with this inspiration never thought of gray to put with it ah in love.

Mischa’s tights are bold but they work because she stayed safe with all black, I own some leopard tights I might have to whip out this fall, I love that girl’s tights because they are very subtle and blend well.

sienna2.jpg image by fashionunder100

Love the leopard dress with some oxfords and tights.

The Leopard scard I am lusting like crazy over. Look how versatile and amazing it is, ah getting hot flashes from it. By the way leopard with a touch of red is another amazing coupling.


Miss Edie is a poster child of leopard very inspirational.

The Leopard Cardigan, own one I love it, really like the liquid tights with it and the brown heels, gives some edge. The cardigan is super easy to add to a lot of outfits.

 b6ff_1.jpg image by bamboo_vyleopard-print-fur--large-msg-124240883787

Gwen has always rocked leopard ah love her.


Flats or heels, it is your choice both are the perfect dash of leopard.When I think of  Betsey Johnson, leopard comes to mind how cute is this leopard heel, it’s all in the details.

Leopard DONTS

Kim went overboard just a tad with that scarf. trashy.


I’m sorry but colored leopard has never been okay, trash central.

Ew shiny leopard leggings,unflattering


Men in leopard, never okay, I’m talking about you Nick JoBroHoe.

Horrible, beware of that cheap looking leopard, this ensemble is a mess.


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