I’m loving.. Miss Wax

If you are a jewelery lover you are going to love Miss Wax. I am a pretty picky jewelary wearer, I like unique pieces that stand out and I also don’t like to wear a lot at once. For Christmas about a year or so ago my boyfriend bought me this really cool piece from Miss Wax. They were actually earrings that he transformed into a necklace, but sadly the necklace broke and I kept forgetting to get a new one for it. I came across it in my purse and finally got a chain to put it on and I am in love with it. Miss Wax actually started making her jewelary from old vinyl records and constructed them with the use of culinary scissors. Every piece is hand printed,screams indiviudality and has a certain 80’s feel to them. I am a sucker for people that try something new and really reinvent the fashion world and I think she does just that with her jewelary.Check it out Ladies:http://www.misswax.com/.


IMG_0944"Kiss This" Lipstick Earrings (green)

My Lipstick necklace.


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