Do You Love it? Oo so Thigh High Boots

A Fall trend on the rise is thigh high boots, now this is kind of a risky move for those of us who aren’t balls out with our fashion sense. Not everyone can pull off this look but they’re different ways to wear them for different people depending on how adventurous you are willing to go with these. There is no doubt that these are sexy and daring, they will definitely call some attention to yourself. I like the ones that aren’t patent leather because I think those tend to look like prostitutties shoes like Pretty Womenish and thats not cute, you don’t want to look trashy with these. Watch out for the ones with heels,  if you can pull it off classy kudos for you, but I think the platform is more versatile. Now what to wear these with, well I like them with long coats and this fall there are some amazing silhouette options for outerwear. A little black dress also can work but again beware you don’t want too look to hard. Definitely recommend wearing with nylons try lace and you can even wear them with jeans if you just are starting to experiment with them. These will keep you warm and you will look like a hot mama. Here’s some Inspirations:

I love Kate Moss thigh high’s with jeans they are perfect both sexy and classy love it.

I love this look it is the perfect mix of edgy and feminine, leave some skin between the boots and dress for the perfect amount of sexiness.


I love Eva’s look with the peacoat again a classy way to wear these.

I am in love with this jacket these thigh highs are a little risky but still girly they have a ballerina inspired look that I love, this is as risky as I would go.

I don’t like these choices, Mariah’s purple dress, SUEDE thing highs and leather jacket clash she looks straight up trashy. Steer clear from the suede. JLo’s aren’t horrible but I think she could have showed a lil more thigh and take off the hat, and Rhiana’s patent leather are a little risky I think these could easily look trashy.


One thought on “Do You Love it? Oo so Thigh High Boots

  1. love it. i need to save up so money and get myself a pair. im likin the way kate moss is wearing the boots. amazing.
    and i just saw your comment, thank you! and thanks for adding me on your blog roll as well 🙂

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