Sunday Morning Treat for My Sweets: Alexander McQueen Fall 2009 Handbags

It’s been awhile since I’ve given you a Sunday Treat so it better be real nice. My treat for this sunday is Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2009 Handbags they are something to lust over. My mom showed me these awhile ago because she worked at South Coast Plaza’s Nordstrom in the handbags department so she got information on the new bags before they came out. I saw these and I was drooling. What I love about them is how clever McQueen was with the details, which is what always catches my eye. He uses huge safety pins and incorporates gloves and rings so you can hold your clutch in a clever way. I looked at them and I was impressed with his ability to bring something new to the table that I haven’t seen before. Instead of holding a clutch all night your just put your hands through the rings or glove and voila! a more efficient way to carry your clutch while looking hot.I love McQueen and his dark designs he is definitely one of my favorites I love his eye for fashion. A little bit about him..He actually dropped out of school when he was sixteen to pursuit his dream of being a fashion designer. He landed an internship with Savile Row, a street in London famous for it’s men’s tailoring. He went on to graduate from a prestigious fashion school with a master degree in Fashion design. He was strongly influenced by Isabella Blow,a famous English magazine editor and an international style icon who bought all of his first line. He is now creative director of Gucci Group. In 2007, Isabella Blow who was credited for discovering McQueen, committed suicide. He dedicated his Spring 2008 Collection in memory of her all the pieces we inspired by her and included feathered creations and grand hats. Watch the video below:)




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