Style Icon.. Chrissy Snow

Does the word Jack Tripper bring to mind anyone in particular? Or Mr and Mrs. Roper? Mr. FURLEY Please tell me you’ve heard of these characters at one point in your life. Yes, they are from the classic tv show ” Threes Company” one of my personal favorites. The show is hilarious and not at all dated well minus the 70’s clothes. The show had amazing writers because every episode was based around a misunderstanding among the characters usually along the rauchy side. Anyways Chrissy Snow aka Miss Suzanna Somers who by the way I pray I look that good when I am a grandma. The ultimate Gilf for men, played the ditzy roommate on the show and I fell in love with her fashion sense. Even though it is a show based in the late 70’s there are still pieces that you can bring into your wardrobe today thing wedges, big sunglasses, maxi dresses and rompers. Lets also not forget Mrs. Roper in her bohemian mumus she was one hot lady and always begging for Mr. Roper to give her some lovin’. I plan on lounging in my own mumus when I become a grandma. Anyways if you are bored of the stupid crap that is called television today check out Three’s Company on dvd and I promise you will fall in love, laugh your ass off, and get some fashion inspiration to top it off. And now Miss Chrissy Snow outfit inspirations:





Me In my 1st Mumu inspired by Mrs. Roper

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