I’m loving..ballerina inspired looks and combat boots

The ballerina look is something that comes and goes like most fashion trends, a little of everything is taken through out the years be it leotards,tights,buns,ballet slippers or tulle tutus. All of those parts that make up the look are fun to use in different outfits. Let me tell you a little tail..I went to a thrift store by my house around 4 months ago and found this ballerina inspired skirt that I instantly fell in love with. It’s gray and is sheer with a slip underneath and is adorned with rhinstones which are placed sporatically thoughout the skirt. I paired it with a tight black tank top tucked in and a cardigan and it was beautiful. Today I walked into forever 21, my first time in a year and a half with my own WORKING debit card ( been poor for awhile) and browsed around and what do I find..ballerina inspired skirts with different combinations of tulle, sheer material, lots of volume and zippers. Twelve by Twelve by Forever 21 is something to lust over. I’m really impressed with the work done on this line. Everything is unique and crafted well without a hefty price, there is a lot of inspiring pieces to mix and match and I definitely recommend visiting the Forever 21 in Fashion Island to check it out because it isn’t found in a lot of stores. Anyways I love this look it is so feminine and exciting especially for dressing up. I sadly found a lot of the shirts too dressy for the basic pieces I was looking for but if you are looking for something dressy on a night on the town check them out. Also I came across some fake Doc Martin boots and I got really excited but I couldn’t muster enough courage to buy them just yet. I think I have to find ones that aren’t shiny and I’ll be good. But I got so excited to mix them with floral prints, leather jackets, jeans, skirts anything. It is so ironic to go in the stores and see the 90’s fashions already coming back, floral dresses, jean everything, Doc Martins, and biker shorts which I am hesitant to welcome arms. Inspiration time:

Ballerina Skirts


Doc Martin Looks


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