Do You Love it? O So Preppy Oxfords

I’m letting you in on a little secret filthy ladies.It seems that this fall oxfords are going to be all the rage. Again this brings me back to 1995 when Clueless was born and Cher was strutting around in preppy clothes with her oxfords and knee highs. I remember begging for some oxfords to wear with my Catholic school girl uniform in kindergarden and although it wasn’t the real cool ones I still received an acceptable pair of course paired with ankle socks.
( remember these).
It reminds me of the Doc Martin’s era and it seems it’s all coming back to us now. So are we going back to the preppy look or is this just another women’s wearing men’s wear trend. I think it will be a little of both, but oxfords are totally classy and can be paired with a lot of things so it’ll be fun to mix them in with your fall ensembles. Plus there is so many style oxfords for you to choose from and lace is a perfect replacement for the 1995 knee highs that went with them. Here’s some inspiration:
Whitney’s black & whites are the traditional oxford look, if you are hesitant with this trend try these.
Some many too choose from pick a unique pair and make them yours.
Mizarahi Oxford Booties for Target, so we don’t go broke over this trend.
Christian Loub’s so we can dream of them. But for the poor girl way pair your oxfords with some lace tights so classy and glamorous.
Pink are to die for probably what I am going to rock.

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