Filthy is on it!

I told my filthy readers I would always try to set my eye on the trends to come and be your trend forecaster, and I will not let you down. I was so happy when after waking up definitely way too early, In Style tweeted Sienna’s amazing Gi Joe Premiere styles.. and hello ( Cher Style) Filthy just gave recognition to Sienna for her hot and lusted taste. 
Sienna Miller
In other news, you know how I love Rachel Zoe, and look up to her for some inspiration. Well she has just started sending what she calls “The Zoe Report” in e-mail every morning and I must admit it helps me roll out of bed. It is kind of like a mini Filthy where she sends out what she is loving for the day. Sign up for it it’s bananas bitches.
Rachel Zoe
And finally I want to wish my beautiful sister and best friend Kortnie a very happy 20th birthday I love love love you and can’t wait to go to Disneyland today.. it’s been a dry spell. This is probably why I am up so early blah. 

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