Music To My Ears: playlist 1 : love,dreams,& such things.

I’m not a by no means a music expert, but like fashion I think music is beautiful in the fact that you choose what you love and make it yours. Music is really a means that keeps me grounded there is so many different kinds of music and songs that are just perfect for that moment. I would love to share with you every once in awhile songs that I recommend downloading and giving a listen when you are bored, or maybe in need of inspiration,to get your butt to the gym, relaxation, to vent or just fun. Music has helped me through some hard times it is where I  escape into world a where it is just me and the music. Here is my first playlist of songs that i am loving this week most of them are of love,dreams and things. Enjoy.Ps. Sorry if it is a little emo, but I promise it’s worth a listen:)
1. Sweet Disposition- The Temper Trap
* Off the 5oo days of Summer Soundtrack, just saw the movie really cute and lovely.. new Garden State? 
2. Your Hand in Mine- Explosions in the Sky
* This band has some amazing acoustic sounds, it will immediately make you drift into your own world. It is so relaxing, and beautiful,sometimes makes me want to cry..shh.
3. Nothing New- Postal Service
* I love Postal Service, it really is different, catchy and again makes me drift on into my own world.
4. Blackout- Muse
* Makes me feel like I am in a movie, slowdancing with Edward Cullen.
5. This is for Keeps- The Spill Canvas
* All those feelings of the first time meeting the person you want to fall in love with for forever. Describes the feelings perfectly. One of my favorite likes ” Eternity will never be enough for me”
6. 23- Jimmy Eat World
* This song creates goosebumps immediately.
7. Stricken- No Doubt
* To Be head over heels in love.
8. Transatlanticism- Death Cab For Cutie
* When I Miss
9. Close to Me- The Cure
* Upbeat for your Crush
10. The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot- Brand New
* Acoustic makes me fall in love

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