Syle Icon: Miss Grace Kelly

I’ve been wanting to do a post on Grace Kelly for a while and now I’m finally getting around to it. Grace Kelly is the epitome of class,beauty, and grace. She is a women that always looked put together perfectly and nothing but beautiful. The first time I heard of her/ saw her was in High Society a remake of The Philadelphia Story. My grandma and I were watching it one night when I was younger, we always used to watch ” classic old movies”.It’s a good movie to watch by the way and Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby yum. Then I saw her in some Alfred Hitchcock movies which I have been getting into, most recently To Catch a Theif and Rear Window. Her dresses in both movies are esqusite, she actually collaborated with Hitchcock to create them.It makes me sad when I see older movies and the dresses they wore because  nothing ever to be like it again. The fashion was so hands on and pure whereas now everything just seems never as sophisticated or to have that couture like feeling. I mean I hope one day to maybe have something like that just one thing so beautiful I just would want to look at it and be scared to wear.Grace was a definite fashion icon of her time, she even had a coveted Hermes bag named after her that still is high sought after style to this day. Apparently she used the famous bag to hide her pregnancy. I think we all could look to her for some sophisticated fashion inspiration and remember her as a true beauty. I definitely recommend watching some of her movies also they are fun and you will drool over the dresses this I promise you.


AlfredHitchcock4withGraceKellyandJo.jpg image by tomasutpen

This dress is in To Catch a Thief and it is breath taking you have to watch it just to see this dress.


Rear Window


The famous photo of “The Kelly” Hermes bag and her using to hide her pregnancy.

Her wedding dress was designed by Helen Rose, a wardrobe designer for MGM who also helped design some of her beautiful dresses in some of her Hitchcock’s movies. The dress was made and her wedding was filmed in return her 7 year contract with MGM was terminated. 



4 thoughts on “Syle Icon: Miss Grace Kelly

  1. i love the dress.. it’s something i don’t mind collecting.. and wearing for fun, just to feel like a princess…

  2. Hey! Lovely post about an amazing woman, I found your blog looking for pictures to accompany my post which I’ve just written about the exhibition on her shown in London. Shame you didn’t see it!

    • Hi Lucy,
      Thank you very much! I love Grace, I am so jealous you get to see that I wish I could. Did you take pictures of it? Is it only temporary?
      Filthy Gorgeous Fashion

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