I’m loving .. Lingerie as Outerwear

Yes, you heard me correctly. I  currently fancy wearing lingerie as outerwear. Here on Filthy I am not recruiting whores so this isn’t what I am implying. Instead I’m suggesting taking the classy route. My grandma had given me a bunch of her old tops she thought I might want, and side note most of them were from like the 80’s or early 90’s but would you believe me if I said I could kinda pull some of them off right now. Isn’t it crazy how fashion repeats itself, give it 20 years and it’ll be coming round.Anyways, lets just say I came across some vintage lacy looking tops in the pile. I kept them around because I am a pack rat and that is just what I do. I came across it the other day and wanted to experiment, so I put it on and it actually worked with my ensemble. I threw some pearls and gold chains and voila i was loving it. It was a little bit risque, but I thought oh well every now and then that is okay. So my tips are if you want to experiment and you aren’t confident this idea off the bat pair some long necklaces and a little sweater or leather jacket with it. Now please please don’t go out and buy some trashy lingerie and say Filthy said so. This is a very volatile trend, if done wrong you will be a fashion cholla.. do you hear! Don’t let me down ladies. Here’s some rules to ask yourself before you approve it and leave the house: 1. Is it see thru? 2. Are your boobies hanging low, overexposed, or pushed up in an unnatural way? 3. Is there any kind of sheer material used especially over the stomach? 4. Too much satin? 5. Is it not covering your stomach completely? If any of these answers is yes, then no do not step foot into the world looking like that. Also I advise not to wear heels with this ensemble flats will you look more feminine and classy.Here’s some inspirations, and again play a little with it,try a simple top first, then maybe maybe try a little satin dress but be cautious.










exposed lingerie

On a Side note I have to share Galliano’s lingerie inspired line, now a little extravagant to wear. But truly what is beautiful art expressed through fashion:



2 thoughts on “I’m loving .. Lingerie as Outerwear

  1. Ya it’s a little intimidating but it’s fun. I love your blog thanks for reading mine:) Would you be interested in posting links to each other’s blogs?

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