Do You Love it? Pops of Neon

A fun trend I’ve been picking up on and I think will be popular in the fall is adding pops of color mostly neon colors to plain solids.  As you know the 80’s inspired trends are creeping up on us whether we like it or not. Some may wonder why the hell anyone would bring back some of those trends but I think that some are fun and can be good sources of inspiration. Now with the pops of neon color this is to be done in small doses overdose and you will look like a crazy raver. Think hot pinks, neon greens, yellows. The best colors to pair it with are blacks, whites, neutrals. If this is kinda of a scary concept like some new trends can be, start with accessories which is all I would really venture to because once you get to the clothing you have to be a master at it so you don’t look like a fashion neon victim.  Try bright color nail polish perfect for summer and will help that tan appear a darker.Keep it sophisticated and feminine but have fun.Here’s the inspiration

Mary-Kate Olsen’s shoes I died when I first set my eyes on these. They are beautiful, and a perfect example of a touch of color. The shoe are by Giambattista Valli and they will be mine oh yes they will be mine.

Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 Runway


One thought on “Do You Love it? Pops of Neon

  1. Kolbie!!! Love your website! Olsen’s shoes are sooo hot! It deff makes her outfit! Its like the perfect shade of pink!

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