Sunday Morning Treat for my Sweets: Summer Movies

My Sweets, I’m sorry I’ve been a poop and haven’t been on top of filthy it’s rude of me. I’ve been busy with now being a working girl. Which is nice because hopefully I start shopping again. Yes, I haven’t really shopped for a year minus my birthday. I couldn’t even go into stores because I couldn’t resist the tease. So a little movie update I saw the hangover last week with my boyfriend and it was funny, yes actually funny. Not like those lame movies like Napolean Dynamite or another bad comedy that somehow a lot of people rave about. This actually deserves the raves,plus Bradley Cooper is nice to look at. I definitely recommend seeing it for some shits and giggles and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

    I also saw Transformers last week and where do I begin. First of all I didn’t really finish the first one because I had no idea what the hell was going on. So when I went to see the second, I still ended up not knowing what the hell was going on. Now I love Shia and I love Megan who doesn’t and I can tell you right now if Megan wasn’t in that movie I probably wouldn’t have seen it along with the millions of others who saw it. Shia is talking to these transformer robot things and all Megan yells is SAMM most of the time. Then Isabel Lucas tries to be Megan Fox and it’s really annoying because there’s only one Megan.She also is probably in most of the scenes to keep people interested because for the most part she wasn’t needed in most of them. But by the end of the movie I kind of had an idea of what was going on which was surprising and it wasn’t all that bad but I cannot believe how much money it’s made, I guess you plop Megan in a movie and your set. So for my Sunday morning treat I’m sharing the Jennifer’s Body trailer staring Megan Fox that is coming out September 18th. It doesn’t look amazing but I liked Juno and Diablo Cody was behind that as is this so hopefully it won’t be terrible. Plus everyone is just going to see Megan.But I’m excited to see it by the way I love the movie poster. 


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