Do you love it? White Hot Denim

A summer alternative to the normal denim jean is to go the lighter way with white denim. I haven’t worn white pants since seventh grade and back them it was tricky because there were kinda see-thru material. I like this trend I think it’s a nice break from the dark pants but there are some rules with this color. If you aren’t the body type to wear skinny jeans or legs and butt aren’t your fortay avoid the white denim. I’m saying this because I love you and I want you too look cute. I have a big arse so I know it’s tricky to find stuff that works and it’s just about knowing your body you have to know what works and what doesn’t. The best thing is to find what you love about your body and accentuate it, so boobs bust those guys out but not overly like a cholla just a lil classy clevage will do the trick you want people to look at your face still. If it’s your arms or shoulders, wear tank tops, short sleeves, scoop necks, things that draw attention to that area,if you have great legs, dresses, shorts, if you want great legs put on some wedges or heels, butt, where some fitted jeans show it off. White is a testy color for a bottom so play around with it if it works for your body go for it if not stick with the jeans that make you feel good and hot. I like the ones that looks ripped a little I think it adds some edge, you also can try the white denim shorts to play it up. Combine it with some floral tops or bright colored shoes and perfect to add those blazers to. Here comes the inspiration:

vanessa-hudgens-current-elliotmegan-siwy-31vb13.jpg image by StilettoJungle


2 thoughts on “Do you love it? White Hot Denim

  1. i do love white denim.
    i want a pair of white distressed jeans.
    also thanks for your comment i will add you to my blog list now =]

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