Billie Jean is not my Lover

I can’t believe Michael Jackson passed away yesterday. It is pretty shocking and sad especially since he was just coming back into the spotlight with his tour starting back up in July. Where do I begin with this man? He was probably the greatest legend to ever live, everyone around the world knows him and at least heard of one of his songs. His fame carried on throughout his entire life, despite his personal life always being looked down upon and judged. But I loved that he did whatever he wanted. It’s sad that one of our living  legends has passed, the weirdest thing was I just picked up US magazine from this week and he was in the fashion page in the back..kind of eerie. Not only was he a tremendous musician but he also was a definite trend setter. From his famous white glove, to his flood pants, to his aviator sunglasses to his red leather jacket.His military style jacket is actually a hot trend right now. He took fashion to another level and made it his own.Michael Jackson was the first person I remembered seeing on television. His image will always stick in my mind, and his songs will live on.Billie Jean is and will forever be my favorite dancing song. I think everyone has some kind of memory association with Michael and his music. May he rest in peace,  I pray for his poor children to make it through this hard time.

The Prince and Princess of Pop

Jackson & Britney Spears

Jackson & Billie Jeanmichaeljacksongivenchy.jpg image by Fashion_Critic_


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