I’m loving.. Charlie’s Angels

I love Charlie’s Angels, thanks to Nick and Nite I was able to watch them and of course I got obsessive with taping them. The marathons were golden. I fell in love with their fashion and their HAIR how can you forget that feathered sex hair. Farah and Jaclyn were so beautiful and I wanted to be them.  The show was really entertaining and I loved that these three women were independent and badass. They seemed like the first role models for girls on television because they were smart, strong, independent and hot. They had all the power.In memory of Farah I wanted to put some Charlie’s fashion inspirations up. I would for sure still wear a lot of the things they wear on the show, and gladly would take that feathered sex hair with it. Definitely a trend that I see is the long high waisted jeans paired with wedges but you let the hemline touch to the floor. Just beware, if you have a big arse (like the british say )don’t attempt at it unless you wear a  long sweater to cover yourself. You will immediately have a soccer’s mom arse. She probably had the best smile I’ve ever seen I wanted to steal her teeth. She was beautiful in Man of the House another movie I obsessed over during my Jonathan Taylor Thomas days, may she rest in peace.

Angeles con estilo


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