Do You Love it? Ahoy Stripes

I think stripes are really fun to play around with and mix and match, but let it be known that different stripe directions do different things. Stripes horizontal can actually give the appearance of looking wider, vertical makes you look taller not that this is always the case but it’s something to just be aware of. Stripes are best with bold solid colors, if you are looking for more of a nautical sailor look pair it with denim or a more edgy look black pants/jeans. I also like pairing it with vintage inspired items like pearls, sweaters and skirts. There are many stripe colors and variations, just be sure never to get anything striped of tight material not flattering at all and don’t overpower. Here comes the inspirations:

Vintage Look

Demi Moore

Please draw your attention to left away from the granny ugliness of  80’s pjs on the right. Demi’s girls might not be the prettiest of the bunch but her daughter on the left  played up stripes beautifully. I love them with the vintage looking skirt, the leather jacket adds some edge to the outfit.

I am pretty much obsessed with this shirt. Probably because I am a label whore but it isn’t just the Chanel sign we all know and love but it is on a striped shirt which makes it that much desirable. I am so thinking about it making my own version of this shirt because to tell you the truth when I saw it first on Sienna I thought she had made it because the label looked like it is just painted on .. making it even that much hotter.

This is a perfect example of having fun with stripes and mixing and matching. I think red is a perfect color with black and white stripes, definitely plays off them well. I also like that the jacket doesn’t overpower the dress at all but instead acts as a fun accessory. The bow in her hair is the final touch of feminine to play off of the dress

Still Loitering

My favorites in stripes love them! This is actually older pictures but stripes are so classic that you can wear them whenever and make it your own. Ashley has the casual stripes down and her headband just reinforces that casual chic look, how is her hair sooo fkin amazing? Nicole you are amazing I bow down to your style. I love the stripes with the tights and the heels totally hot. The white shades and again red purse are the perfect accessories to make those stripes pop. Miss Victoria Beckham took another route and added a hat, cropped black pants and high strappy platforms this look reminds me of the mod look gone badass with the hat but the heels add some feminine love.

Stripes Gone Wrong

I am not certain who this is but they should be in jail for this plastic mess. Too much stripe! It is like it was meant to be a wedding dress and then someone added stripes and it turned into a hellish ordeal. And then to top it off I just discovered a bow floating on the bottom waiting to be rescued off this striped garbage bag.

Jail stripes are never hot

Stripe overload! I do not like when outfits have different strip directions it looks cheap and unflattering. Also stripes are very overpowering so whatever you pair with them don’t over do it. Like on the right either wear the hat or the boots but not both. These both are just tacky


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