Do You Love it? Alice in Wonderland

I love Alice in Wonderland, she was the first Disney character I was obsessed with. My mom bought me the outfit from Disneyland, and I never took that thing off. I always got obsessed with certain dress up clothes and refused to take them off until I was on to the next. I remember it had a cute apron with the rabbit saying “I’m late, I’m late for a very important date”.I even dressed up at the Queen of Hearts, later on and had a lil fashion mishap, let’s just say I will never wear red lipstick again.


Anyways Tim Burton has remade this classic into what looks like a wacky movie, but I am really excited. Even though Johnny Depp looks really disturbing as the mad hatter. I though it be fun to find some Alice inspired fashion’s for my Filthy readers. Also if you are a big fan of Alice Tarina Tarintino has created a line of jewelery called Queen Alice, which inspired by Alice with a more vintage look. There are everything from rings to hair pieces so cute.. i’m in love. Go here to get some yummy treats :!

aliceinwonder_helena.jpgaliceinwonder_anne.jpgaliceinwonder_johnny.jpgCurious and curiouser!why follow the rabbit?Alice in Wonderland!Alice in Wonderland... Years Later:)


3 thoughts on “Do You Love it? Alice in Wonderland

  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Alice In Wonderland!!!! It is, and always will be my favorite Disney movie. The colors have inspired me since I was a kid. Thank you for showing the trends it led to, Miss Kolbie!! Super Cute!!!!

  2. I know it’s definitely one of my faves I haven’t watched it in soo long. I am excited for the movie but it doesn’t come up till next March! I didn’t know you were a fan yay:) Thanks for reading Ericaaaa

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