Guilty Pleasure: The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Where do I begin? I’ve always been a fan of The Real Housewives series starting with Orange County. Being from Orange County and seeing these people around obviously I fell in love and was glued to watching a show about nothing but older rich women dressing like sluts. Then there was New York and I was kinda into it kinda not I think it was because Alex, one of the housewives was too fugly to pay attention to. Yes, I said it. The only think I really found interesting was Bethany and her feud with Kelly but even that was still some mild drama. Then New Jersey came around, and I had found it, a show to fill my drama needs. The twist is that this show was mostly based around a wealthy family, two of the women are sisters and the other is their sister – in -law. Then there is their long time friend and the odd slut out. A perfect setting for some shit to go down. My favorite is Carolyn, this women is the leader of the pack, she is the mother hen and you dare not rock her or she will attack. She is badass, she is the person you want on your side in a fight. Family is her life ” we are thicker than thieves” is one of her famous quotes and she is the epitome of a New Jersey women with balls. A little back story for those who don’t know is pretty much the slut one, Danielle was a prosty, coke whore, arrested, and engaged 19 times. Enough drama to carry any television show. Anyways one of her ex husbands wrote a book about her past and the girls find out. Danielle claims she only had a name change and was arrested but denies the rest. But the sisters think differently and expose the book to their town, Danielle is pissed and confides in the sister-in-law. Well pretty much all hell breaks loose the final episode, when Theresa ( where is her hairline) is told to pay attention . I’l let you indulge, even if you haven’t seen any episodes this is the only one you need to see:[clearspring_widget title=”Bravo TV Video – Breaking Down the Table Flip” wid=”4657041ec2a2cf53″ pid=”4a3e6947f8de37ad” width=”400″ height=”400″ domain=””]


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