Sunday Morning Treat for my Sweet

As you know every Sunday I am bringing your filthy readers a lil treat to relax and start the week off nice. These are going to be totally random but hopefully entertaining this week : Megan Fox has been the talk of the town lately which she well deserves. I have a girl crush on her.. I’ll admit it but I have to take your back in time a lil to when I first got obsessed with Megan. I apologize for not finding a shorter clip. But just go to 3:49 to see Megan start, notice the worst fake voice I’ve ever heard: ” I get what I want and this winter break I want Jordan”. I also love the part where the fulgy boys are hitting on her and the one goes what’s up and she says not my temperature.. nice one Megan. Notice also the random black and white shots and in slow mo. By far the best Mary-Kate and Ashley movie and Jordan is for sure the hottest guy in any of their movies. Also on a side note: I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my boy Jonathan! I love youuuu.   



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