To my fellow Mary-Kate and Ashley Lovers:

If you are a dedicated reader to filthy ( ah thank you ) then you have seen my post about Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and know of  the love I have for them. Apparently my filthy readers enjoy them to0 because that post stands as my most popular one. Well I’d love to do more on them but I wanted to share this piece of work that I am lusting over of Miss Mary-Kate by Jonathan Bussiere, the man behind our beloved Hips and Hair. It is the shit, and not  only does Mary-Kate make an appearance but also Kate Moss another fashion icon we all know and love. This coming summer, Hips and Hair is releasing a Kate Moss shirt that is bananas as Zoe would say. Your going to be begging more one. But for now you can wish this painting could be yours and it could if you go here: to the Hips and Hair site. If you are confused contact me: Thanks for the Filthy support, I love hearing from everyone please continue to tell me what you want.

kate moss boots shoes


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