Do You love it? Let em Rip

I remember on rainy days in Catholic school when you would be allowed to wear tights when it rained and it was a privilege. But 99.99% of the time I had some annoyance with tights whether they were itchy, felt like I peeded in my pants, or the worst the DREADED RIP. Once a pair of your tights were ripped it was syonora. Well filthy ladies, I am  here to report ripped tights are what you want. I think they are the perfect mix of feminine and edgy but at the same time they look effortless. They are also so versatile, you can wear them with dresses, skirts and even jean shorts if you dare.Now your probably thinking why are you telling us to wear tights in these hopefully sunny days to come. Well, I  hate to break it to you but this June is going to be very gloomy and your gonna have to keep those stems of yours warm so wear the dresses,skirts and shorts but add some tights to keep you warm. The great thing is you can easily remove them if they piss you off which I do all the time or add them for a night on the town. Just caution: there is a method to the ripping so I suggest playing around with cheap ones first, keep in mind we aren’t making holes we are ripping tights to very different things. Better yet shop around for some, the trick is to a fray,avoid holes at all times.

Here comes the inspirations:


These pop queens shredded a lil to much.

Out in London, June 02, 2009

Lindsay’s tights are a little extreme I wouldn’t suggest wearing ones like these unless you want to play the risque game.



Shenae Grime’s ripped tights are perfect and evidently it was an accident. I think that is the best way to go with them just randomly rip away. Avoid holes.


One thought on “Do You love it? Let em Rip

  1. Luv wearing ripped tights with my short denim skirts and boots – they are the look,I prefer Black opaques which I wear for school and outside.
    If I can get away with them in summer its Kool !!!!

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