Style Icon: Miss Gwen Stefani

It is no surprise Filthy Readers that Gwen Stefani has been a huge inspiration/influence since childhood to me. Gwen has done it all, from music to fashion but still kept her Orange County girl roots. Gwen is someone who really worked to get where she is today and has stuck around in the industry for over 20 years which is rare for someone her age. Every album has a memory for me and certain songs bring back certain memories. Tragic Kingdom will forever be my favorite cd, I listen to it probably once and week. Through the years Gwen also been a true trendsetter. She makes things cool, even though she has definitely had some interesting looks through the years she made it her own and I respect and love  that. She used to create her own costumes and clothing and now has her own line LAMB. This women has sported every look you could imagine from blue and pink hair,binidis inspired from India, to every hair length imagined to even braces!  Not to forget she has the cutest family and has been with her love Gavin since the Tragic Kingdom days.. ah love. Here are some of my favorites.Ps. Sorry there is a lot I found so many amazing old ones I had to fit as many as I could.

Click to view full size imagepcn-kingston.jpgClick to view full size imageClick to view full size image t:


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