Do You Love it? Style Inspiriation

I love to inspire the readers to put their own looks together. There is nothing worse than those days where you don’t know what the hell to wear. You know the days where you throw clothes all over your room, rummaging for something anything. Most of those days I wish I could just go naked. I get so frustrated I just want to scream because you know that one shirt you can’t find that is the answer to your outfit is nowhere in sight. That’s why I’ve brought you style inspirations. Sometimes it just takes a look at another outfit to inspire a new one. You don’t need to buy a new outfit everyday unless your a celebrity whore who has that luxury. But I am a poor girl so I’ve learned to work with what I have and really that is the most fashionable thing you can do. Here’s some outfits I’ve been recently inspire by I hope that some will strike a cord with your own fashion radar.

Those flower print dresses are coming back, I seem to remember them from the 90’s I liked to call them the pregger dress but if you wear it more tailored to your body you won’t look pregnant. I recently saw someone rockin this same look but with Doc Martins and I got excited. Mixing the grunge with the feminine is hot plus I never was lucky enough to get a pair so maybe I can get another chance.


This is called the Tulip Skirt, it just basically has two flaps that overlap, a little change from the normal straight skirt. But leather skirts I’ve been seeing popping around. Not everyone can pull them off but if you do wear one, like leather jackets, offset it with something feminine like a sheer blouse with a bow or pearls.

Shopping in Beverly Hills, May 21, 2009

I love her sunglasses first off! A little cat eye inspired but not too extreme. I also like her sandals, I am not a sandal fan, I am more of a flats gal. But I like how these aren’t just your normal sandal there is some leather and design to them, again that leather adds just an edge to a feminine look.

Ashlee Simpson in Plaid

I love Ashlee’s style, I think she has her own individual style that I love. I’ve always loved plaid and what is great about it is that you can dress up plaid or rock the grundge look.

How amazing are the sailor shorts look Love it!


Hats have been really popular these days I think they are fun and the perfect accessory to any outfit and a hot way to protect your skin.


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