Breaking News Archie to Marry Veronica

Okay just died for a second because I just found out Archie is marrying Veronica in the Archie Comic Saga. Now I would normally just come across this news and be entertained from my childhood relationship with the comics but I am in shock because I just posted a Betty and Veronica post last week! Out of the blue mind you too, I really just randomly remembered them and thought they were inspiring. It is so crazy when stuff like that happens. Of course he is marrying Veronica, she gets what she wants and she’s hotter sorry Betty. Apparently people are pissed that the prettier and snobby women won out the girl next door. But what I am thinking is that this is all just publicity to start some drama, maybe he doesn’t marry Veronica the last minute. I called it! Now I really have a wonderful excuse to buy an issue. The 600th issue will be available September 8th 2009. I am peeing in my pants with anticipation.


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