I Love… Rosary Beads

I’ve been catching people wearing Rosary Beads. Now obviously rosary beads are a religious entity and I am sure there will be some kind of controversy about wearing them and that is expected. But I think they are beautiful and feminine. I always loved rosary beads but felt that it might not be acceptable to wear just any wear. I use to always wear a cross and it made me feel safer, so wearing a rosary is something I would love to wear.  Whether you love it or not I think it is a beautiful and nice addition to perhaps a dressier outfit. I have mixed feeling about this trend but for me personally I would wear them in a respectful way. But I just want you guys to know I am no way out to piss anyone off with this post. It is your personal decision to wear them or not and flaunt them your way which I hope is in a nice way.

Fashion Don’t! Rosary and no Bra NOT Okay Lindslut. 

Britney Bikini Photopete wentz happy ashlee simpson sad 07Nicole Richie Dines With The Hilton Sisters


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