Do You Love It? Racquetball

If you are like me it is really difficult to motivate yourself to workout, but once your doing it your fine. Working out is a constant battle let me tell you but it does feel so good when you do plus you loose excess baggage. I like to switch up my routine or I get really bored really fast. The workouts I’ve had the best results with are yoga and pilates. I know you’ve heard it over and over but they really are both amazing workouts that don’t require that much energy and you don’t have to sweat like a beast. But I am nice enough to share my new workout I’ve been doing with my boy lately..racquetball. I know total 80’s but it is really fun. You almost forget you are working, besides the fact that you are suffocating in the tiny room. Not only is it fun to play it is also competitive, I get super into it and get pissed when that ball doesn’t go my way. Anyways if you are feeling up to it grab a companion and play some racquetball and tell me what you think.:)


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